About Us - Our History and Values

We're Issaquah's Bike Storeoriginal Bicycle Center of Issaquah's location

We like to say we're Issaquah's bike store because we have been in business in Issaquah for over 25 years. We have sold children's bikes to parents whose own parents had bought them bikes when they were young. We are proud to say that we have a long history of selling what we believe to be the worlds best bikes with a sense of value, honesty and integrity that have kept our customer coming back to us year after year.

We have been recognized as a market leader in the Seattle area both by our suppliers and the much appreciated acclaim of our customers. We have been noted for innovative programs such as our jr half-back trade-in program for kids bikes.  We have been consistently recognized by Consumer's Checkbook as the Eastside's best bike shop for service and repair.

In the beginning the Bicycle Center first opened it's doors in 1964 near the University of Washington in Seattle.  Over the years several branch locations were opened and in 1982 a store was established in Issaquah. We opened in an old bank building on the corner of Front St. and Alder which was built in 1909. After a time the Issaquah store became independent of the other stores and adopted the name Bicycle Center of Issaquah to distinguish it from other locations in Seattle, Everett, and Silver Lake.

inside the original Bicycle CenterOver the years we have sold many brands of bicycles. In the early years we sold bikes such as Nishiki, Peugeot, Shogun, GT,  Raleigh, Schwinn, Specialized and other brands. In the late 80's and early 90's there was a big shake out in the industry and many well known brands and dealers either went away or lost most of their market share. In those early years we always coveted the Trek brand as an innovator and market leader. When Trek offered the brand to us in the early 90's we enthusiastically embraced it and have been selling Treks with great success ever since. For the last 10 years we have been selling Trek and Trek related brands exclusively. We firmly believe that they offer the most innovative, best quality and best warrantied products in the industry. Trek's philosophy has always been to take the best in class of any bike or product and to make it better.

inside the new Bicycle CenterAbout 1990 we out grew the old bank building but soldiered on there for many years becoming experts in stuffing a lot of stuff into a very small space. The building was quaint and had a lot of character but was very limiting. In early 2009 a big furniture store that was next door to us went away. This created an astounding opportunity for us. It gave us a chance to triple our space and would require a move of a couple of feet across the parking lot.  We signed on the line and took over half of the building. We did a total remodel using up-to-date bike shop design, and fixtures and finally moved to our bright, new and roomy location in June of 2010.

This great new location has allowed us to display and sell more product much more effectively. It has also allowed us to expand our service department and do an even better job in a more timely manner. We look forward to serving you in our new location for many years to come.  Be sure to stop by soon to see what we're all about. Our non-commissioned sales people are committed to helping you find the best bicycle or bike related product available on the market today. We look forward to seeing you.