Jr. Halfback Trade-in Program


Kids Grow, Bikes Don't

happy kids with bikesAt the Bicycle Center we know that it can get expensive keeping a growing child in a quality bike. That's why when you're ready to trade up to your next bike we will give you up to half back your original price for any juvenile bike you have purchased from us.

Why Settle for a Toy Bike?  

Just bring the bike back to us in reasonable condition within three years along with your original receipt. We will set you up on a new bike that will fit your child properly and provide a safe and enjoyable ride.


happy trek kids on fieldNow you can Afford a Quality Bike for your Child.

Now there is no reason to settle for an inferior toy or big-box store bike because of price. We have calculated that you will actually spend less on quality bikes purchased from us while taking advantage of our program than you would have spent for several toy bikes purchased at full price.

Check Out our Used Bikes.

We refurbish the bikes we take on trade to insure that they are safe and reliable. We then sell them at a very attractive price which is often near the price you would spend on a big-box bike. Even used these bikes are of a quality that will far outlast the discount store bikes. And as a bonus, you can trade in these used bikes too!


 program excludes balance and bmx bikes