Bicycle Center Service Packages 

We've prepared these descriptions of our common bicycle service packages. Please contact us any time, or even better, bring your bike in to discuss your bicycle service issues and find out which package or service is appropriate. Estimates are always free so you'll get the information you need and can decide how to proceed.




Preventive Maintenance Package



Our preventive maintenance package could be thought of as our basic yearly tune. If you do regular maintenance on your bike and keep it clean, lubricated and in good order this is probably the package for you.

We go over the bike thoroughly checking all systems. We make any minor adjustments that might be needed and check and align the wheels. All cables, chains, and external mechanisms are then lubricated and checked for safe and reliable operation.We then safety check the bike noting any deficiencies or recommendations for maintenance that might be required in the future.






BetterAnnual Peak Performance Package



This is our major tune-up package. If it has been awhile since your bike saw service then this is the best package for you.

This includes adjustment of all the bearings, a more thorough wheel alignment, and a complete cleaning of the bike and it's mechanisms. If the bike requires any service parts such as brakepads, chains, control cables, the cost incurred for the installation of these items is included. (cost of parts is extra). 

This is the package that will get you bike back in shape and ready for many happy miles of cycling.






BestComprehensive Mechanical Rebuild



This is what is often called in the bike world a complete bicycle overhaul.

With this package the bicycle is completely disassembled and inspected. Any worn parts are then replaced and all serviceable bearings are repacked with grease or the proper lubricant. The bike is then reassembled and adjusted to factory specifications to make it as much like a new bike as possible.

If you have an old bike you would like to resurrect, or a newer bike you wold like to last a lifetime then this is the package to consider.







Professional bicycle fitting services
Cleat fitting and adjustment
Basic seat and handlebar adjustment (free with new bike purchase)

Custom Wheel Building
Box bike for shipping
Build boxed bike (shipped)
Bicycle computer install and calibration
Installation of racks, fenders,and lighting systems
Used bike evaluations.