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As professional bike
trek bicycle fitting servicefitters our commitment is
to address each person
with an open ear and
heart to determine their
personal fit needs
Michael Sylvester


The bike fitting approach used by our competitors is often based on fixed and arbitrary formulas and measurements. They often use lasers and other precise tools and try to convince you that the best bike fit is a fit that will give you maximum efficiency on the bike. Our many years of experience have proven this to be the wrong approach. An efficient fit is worthless if it is not a fit with which you are comfortable and can maintain for the distance. The human anatomy is just not that precise, it is complex and can vary greatly among people. Our fitting protocol is designed to give you a fit that is efficient but at the same time comfortable and maintainable. Our fit system addresses each person on an individual basis and accounts for each person’s unique anatomy, flexibility, age, range of motion, and riding style — things that can’t be derived by taking a few precise measurements and applying a formula.

Our bike fitting process takes fitting a step beyond the arbitrary measurements and formulas used by others by employing body alignment principles learned from physical therapy and yoga. Physical therapy and yoga both focus on body alignment. Physical therapy finds the imbalances and misalignments in the body and tries to correct these through strengthening and stretching. Yoga teaches what good alignment is and expands the range of motion of the body. These two principles are used to diagnose each person’s flexibility level and alignment problems to determine the “best fit” for them on their bike.

The Trek fit system was developed by Michael Sylvester in collaboration with Dr Mark Timmerman MD

Michael Sylvester is the innovator behind the Serotta fit system and founder of Bicycle Fitting Services ( in Portland Oregon.  He is also a yoga instructor and competitive national and international cyclist.  He has done over 8000 fittings employing the fit and alignment principles learned from physical therapy and yoga.

Mark Timmerman, M.D.
is a Family Medicine and
 Sports Medicine Physician with a clinic practice near Madison, Wisconsin. He works with both competitive and recreational athletes and  triathletes and bicyclists make up a large part of his practice In addition to his clinical practice, he is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Sports Medicine at the University of Wisconsin.

Whether you bought your bike here or someplace else
If you're interested in a great fit call or come in to set up an appointment. When you come for your fit be sure to bring in or wear your cycling clothes and shoes your ride in. First we will interview you to best determine your needs and expectaions. We'll then measure you and your bicycle and components and mount the bicycle on a stand so that we can look at you riding and observe your position and current adjustments. Then, we'll fine-tune your bike for a perfect fit. We'll also make recommendations if you require different components, such as a shorter or taller stem, and install these if you wish (components are sold separately). We're sure you'll be delighted at how much more comfortable you are on your bike.